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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Nervo - Hold On

"I just wanna hold on"

I've had my eye on Nervo for awhile now. Over the past few years, the Australian duo has released dance track after dance track. They've all been good, but this is the first one that's really caught my attention. I love the lush, dreamy production and the simple (if spare) melody. It's a different feel from the straight-up club tracks they've released in the past. I'd say it's from the With Every Heartbeat mold of electronic music--a slow build with a focus on one highly melodic, repetitive hook. At three minutes, the track's over before you know it. I'm not usually the biggest fan of extended mixes, but I'd be interested in hearing the one for this.

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Anonymous pop beats 2013 said...

this song is so good.. been playing it for a couple days already!

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