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Monday, April 08, 2013

Shinee - Punch Drunk Love

I've been meaning to post a track from these guys for awhile now. I am deep in my somewhat newfound love for K-Pop, and one of the things I noticed very quickly was that (even more than the western market), albums by K-Pop stars are very uneven. Most of the time, I only really like the single and maybe one or two other tracks. Shinee's new album, Dream Girl: The Misconceptions Of You, completely bucks that trend. From start to finish, it's incredibly strong. Punch Drunk Love is the perfect K-Pop song for those who don't like (or are unaware of) the genre. This is mostly because, despite the language, it doesn't sound Korean at all. It's a summery, Michael Jackson-esque slice of retro funk pop with an impossibly strong melody and harmonies. I credit that to co-writer Thomas Troelsen who, as founder of Danish pop act Private, has written more than his share of MJ-inspired tracks. This is one of his best, and a good indication of what the rest of the fantastic album sounds like. It's Exhibit A in why Danish + Korean = Awesome.

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