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Thursday, May 09, 2013

Jutty Ranx - I See You

"I break through to get to you"

Jutty Ranx are an American dance duo, but they've got strong ties to Europe (Finland, specifically). And it's in Europe that their debut single, I See You, is making waves this Spring. Released last year, I See You is a cool, breezy dance track with vocals that sound a little like Mike Posner (in a good way). While it may not hit you over the head initially with any huge production tricks or trendy keyboard squiggles, it has long-lasting power due to its earworm melody and under-the-radar slinkiness. Based on this, I'm really eager to see what the rest of their debut will sound like. (The Popkid remix is also worth checking out -- and freely downloaded).

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Blogger Elohel Exohex said...

I love the vocals in this song! Haha I didn't even realize how much it sounds like mike posner!!! Except I really like this song and I'm sorta lukewarm on the whole posner thing... hahaa


12:38 PM  

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