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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Playb4ck vs SuperMartxe ft. Mohombi - I Don't Wanna Party Without You

"You're like the sun in California"

This song has been kicking around for awhile now, and I've been meaning to feature it. It's been somewhat of a staple in the Scandinavian charts for weeks and I can see it absolutely blowing up this Summer. Whatever we may feel about it, for now and the foreseeable future, DJs and production teams are the new rock stars. As such, just getting this track's name and feature list out of your mouth is a doozy. However, here at alienhits we are quite familiar with Mohombi, who's released some great music in the past. It was his name that first drew me to this track, and his vocals are the standout here. It's obviously quite a bit more club/dance than we're used to from him, and if I'm being honest, the production basically just follows the template set out by every other club track, but with the weather getting nicer, we can never have enough of songs like this.

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