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Friday, May 17, 2013

Roberto Bellarosa - Love Kills

"Give me something I can feel"

Belgium has never in the history of the competition presented my favorite Eurovision song on the year, but there's a first for everything. Traditionally, I usually support countries like Sweden, Norway, Finland or Denmark (and I do like all of those songs, too), but Love Kills is just something special. I mean, listen to that chorus!! That is POP music, people. The track doesn't stand a chance in the competition, and I don't think all that much of Roberto Bellarosa's live stage presence or vocals, but you simply can't deny a massive chorus. And this one touches the stratosphere. Second on my list is Romania's utter WTF dance/opera hybrid that manages to be so incredibly bizarre that it actually works. Apparently, Denmark is the one to beat, but amongst the frontrunners I would rather see Norway take it, even though they've won pretty recently. That Margaret Berger song comes across really well live and I like her. Either way, it's a pretty solid line-up in the final this year. I only dislike a couple.

My Top Picks:
1. Belgium
2. Romania
3. Norway
4. Sweden
5. Finland
6. Netherlands
7. Ireland
8. Denmark
9. Germany
Also like: Ukraine, Lithuania (the melody, not the lyrics and certainly not the charisma-free performer)

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