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Thursday, May 23, 2013

UAO - Moving On

"After all these years, don't know who I am"

I'm surprised that this track hasn't received more online attention. I chalk it up to the fact that there are dozens of like-minded dance tracks fighting for attention at any given moment. Plus, UAO have pretty much no online presence. I can't figure out who they are, where they're from or if they've ever done anything else. All I know is that I like the song, and sometimes that's enough. I'm a big fan of unusual vocals on dance/club tracks. In a rock setting, there'd be nothing unexpected about the scratchy tone to this guy's voice, but coupled with the production here, it really stands out. It sounds to me like what Ulrik Munther would come up with if he was collaborating on a dance track.

Moving On by UAO on Grooveshark

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Blogger KulPop said...

Thanks for the tip on 'Moving On', nice track.

UAO are a new duo from Norway, 21 year-old music producer Leon Frick and 22 year-old Ola Weel Skram. Ola was on Norwegian Idol recently and also is lead vocalist for the band 'House Of Clowns'.



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