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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bullock Hearts - The Moment

"I can feel it grabbing hold like a dreamer in the night"

Call me immature and juvenile, but I can’t get over this band’s name. The first time I saw it in writing, I mistook "bullock" for "buttock," and honestly some things you just can’t unsee. Band name aside, this is a totally refreshing song. It’s their debut in their native Sweden and seems to be doing well for them. Unlike the club tracks thrown out by most of their peers, Bullock Hearts is going for earnest, hyper-melodic balladry. This is a big, beat-your-chest-while-singing anthem. It’s got a slight country feeling, but not in a bad way. I’d actually compare it more to the power ballads from the 80’s. It’s the kind of song that would appeal to everybody--so pleasant and straightforward and well done that it can’t be faulted. Again, this is a definite compliment, especially in a radio landscape where this kind of music is deemed “old fashioned” and pretty much wiped from the airwaves.

The Moment by Bullock Hearts on Grooveshark

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