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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Nicole Sabouné - I Surrender

"Every happy story ends"

I'm a bit behind and meant to post this last week, but I think it's worth the wait because Nicole Saboune is one of my favorite new artists of the year. She's already dazzled us with two singles, and for the third it's time to move on to something more pensive. I Surrender, like Conquer Or Suffer, was co-written by Nicklas Stenemo (formerly of the Mo and currently with Melody Club and Kite). This instantly gets my attention, as he is one of the absolute favorites on this blog. I'm so happy to see him working with so many other artists -- particularly ones as interesting as Saboune. I Surrender might not hit you as instantly as her faster tracks, but it's definitely a grower. The production is fantastic.

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