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Monday, June 17, 2013

Studio Killers - Funky At Heart

"You fit into my puzzle"

After years of anticipation, Studio Killers' album is finally out! As expected, it's the first album in a long time that's consistently awesome all the way through. This is what Summer 2013 needs! Apparently, a lot of people agree, as it's done pretty well on worldwide itunes charts (at one point it was in the top 20 on the U.S. charts, which shocked me -- in a good way). I could literally post any track and it would be completely worthy. I almost highlighted to the slower Who Is In Your Heart Now, which would make for a fantastic fifth single, but I decided instead for the more uptempo, instant Funky At Heart. Like most modern dance tracks, its centerpiece is a mammoth, thumping electronic instrumental, but what I really appreciate is the soaring melodic verses that surround it. This is top-down, driving in the sunshine music.

Funky at Heart by Studio Killers on Grooveshark

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