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Monday, July 29, 2013

Hanson - Get The Girl Back

"It's about time to put your cards back on the table"

This has been percolating for awhile. Initially, when Hanson first released their new single, I gave it a quick listen and thought "this is surprisingly great." Then, I promptly forgot about it. Now I'm really delving into their new album (amazingly titled Anthem) and getting kind of obsessed. I've always thought Hanson were very talented. I play This Time Around and their debut album to this day. The awesome thing is that they've just kept on making quality music, even if most may have forgotten about them. Anthem is full of material that's rockier, funkier and hookier than their other recent material. It deserves to win over new fans and bring back old ones (like me). Anyone think Taylor sounds a lot like Michael Jackson in parts of this? SO catchy.

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