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Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Raise - Page Two (In This Light)

"In this light, he looks like Mr. Right"

Their has been so much good dance music around this Summer, most of it emanating from Europe. Avicii's latest smash, Wake Me Up, is currently taking over the world (and rightfully so -- I'm obsessed and may very well post about it later), but today I'm going to highlight a slightly lesser-known dance track. It's just as amazing, though. Raise's Page Two (In This Light) is the sequel to their less-exiting Page One from a few months ago. At first, you're lulled into the song by Vera Kebbe's soulful, airy vocals, but then that monster beat drops and lets you know what you're really in for. The last minute in particular is just huge. It works as both an excellent pop song and a total club-banger. Perfect for this hot weather we've been having in Northwestern USA.

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