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Friday, August 16, 2013

Michael Jackson and Justin Bieber - Slave To The Rhythm

"She works so hard just to make her way"

Just what the hell is this? I was very surprised to find that this song had mysteriously leaked onto the internet. The original, unreleased Slave To The Rhythm is well-known to hardcore MJ fans, and it's one of my favorite unreleased tracks of his. However, it certainly didn't feature Justin Bieber as a duet partner. Weirdly, this seems 100% legit. The production is a little muddled and demo-like, but that's definitely Justin singing Michael's first-verse lines. The original beat has been amped up a bit and brought into our current music climate. I'm not sure I would've had Bieber start things off, but I'm actually very impressed and surprised at how well his vocals match Michael's here. It's no small feat going toe-to-toe with the King of Pop without humiliating yourself. I'm not sure what will eventually come of this remix (is it a single? bootleg? curio?), but I'm kind of in awe that it exists.

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Anonymous Justin Bieber said...

i love you justin

7:03 AM  

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