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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Fooo - Troublemaker

"She's a troublemaker"

The Fooo are taking over Sweden. I gotta say, their pre-release marketing has been absolutely astonishing. Releasing guerilla-style music videos of them performing tracks in public places has been a brilliant way to get the music out there. But it wouldn't be worth anything if the music, image and talent wasn't on point. Luckily, every song on their new EP is pop gold. Incredibly consistent. Troublemaker has received the least attention of the five tracks, but I absolutely adore it. I've always loved pop/dance music with heavy metal guitar on top. Janet Jackson had quite a few tracks like this (Black Cat, anyone?). It's just so dramatic and aggressive. If the guys can keep this up, we might have a valid successor to One Direction. (Except, they dance!)

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