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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

G-Dragon - Crooked

I'll be harping on and on about this guy from sometime. I know I just featured a song by him before my vacation, but honestly, his outstanding new album Coup D'Etat has been soundtracking the past couple of weeks of my life. And no song more than Crooked. As a huge G-Dragon fan, it's hard for me to pick out his best track, but if I was forced, this might just be it. It also happens to be his most recent single. Crooked is everything I love about music. A driving rock beat, a chest-pumping, anthemic hook (my god, is that spectacular), a punk aesthetic and an overall sense of desperation and melancholy (translated, the lyrics depict a man driven to stray from a broken relationship). It's really a genius piece of pop music, and quite unlike most K-Pop. Then there's the video, where GD once again proves he's the coolest, most charismatic singer in the world right now. If all my blustering hyperbole hasn't convinced you to check out his music yet, this should be the song to do it. It translates, English or no English.

(Music posted for evaluation purposes only. Buy the album here. Follow me on twitter and facebook.

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