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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Robin - Boom Kah

"Boom kah, boom boom kah"

Like most of Robin's songs, Boom Kah has gotten better and better with every listen. Finland has really seen a resurgence of excellent, teen-oriented pop, and Robin was at the forefront of that at a very young age. Now that he's growing up, his music is maturing along with him. This is still a fun, seize-the-day party song, but it feels like it was written more for a mainstream audience than exclusive to tweens. I've found that I love the sound of the Finnish language and accent in pop music. It lends a unique style to what could have ended up being normal pop fodder. That and the repeated "boom kahs" make this completely addicting. I liked it on first listen, but it's crept up throughout the week and taken over my brain, on its way toward complete obsession.

Boom Kah (ft. Mikael Gabriel & Uniikki) by Robin on Grooveshark

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