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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Alexander Rybak - 5 To 7 Years

"I hope our love will last forever"

It's always a treat when new music surfaces from Alexander Rybak. I can't wait to listen to his Christmas album (which I didn't know existed until several months ago) this holiday season, but this new "song for the fans" (aren't they all, technically?) is even better. I really enjoyed his stab at dance pop last year with the frantic Leave Me Alone, but this is a total left turn. It's a power ballad/pub singalong/broadway showtune hybrid that would've sounded completely at home on an Abba album. High praise, indeed. That Alexander is still churning out music this good is no small feat. Eurovision acts have a notoriously short shelf-life, but I've enjoyed a lot of Alexander's music post-Fairytale. A lot of that is down to his distinctive, pleasantly old-fashioned vocals. And I love that he keeps surprising us.

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