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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Dami Im - Alive

"Ain't nothing gonna slow me down"

Oh, jeez. X-Factor Australia has done what no other country's XF can manage: they've gotten the winner right four years running. And this year, they've come away with what I think may be the best XF winner in the show's history, regardless of country. Wait, scratch that. They may have just come away with the best talent show winner in history (and god knows I watch a lot of them, from American Idol on... in eight countries and counting). If you haven't had the luck to see Dami in action yet, I give you Exhibit A. Exhibit B. Exhibit freaking C. The voice, the style, the personality... everything worked in conjunction to make her the deserved frontrunner the entire series. As with most talent shows, the "first single" winner's track is a little bland and completely contrived, so don't judge Dami solely on Alive. Imagine her instead as a future global superstar. If anyone's capable of that, it's her.

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