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Monday, October 28, 2013

Isac Elliot - Dream Big

"Don't you be afraid"

Isac Elliot's New Way Home remains one of my favorite pop songs of the year, and it's even more impressive considering his young age. Unfortunately, the debut album that followed was a little too cookie-cutter teen pop for my tastes. With this new single, though, he's delivered on the promise his very first release put forth. Tween inspirational lyrics aside, Dream Big is one massive, enormous, gigantic slice of dance pop. Seriously, before the verses kick in, the rock-meets-EDM bombast is pure epic cheese. This is not the kind of music we expect from teen performers. The instrumental is way beyond normal pop. To Isac's credit, the production doesn't completely swallow him up, though it threatens to throughout. But let's be honest, this track is all about the production anyway. It's insane.

Dream Big (Extended Version) by Isac Elliot on Grooveshark

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