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Friday, October 18, 2013

Robin - Vapaus

A few weeks ago I wrote about Finnish popstar Robin's excellent Boom Kah (the song). Since then, I've been loving Boom Kah (the album), despite not understanding a word of it. Funny enough, and I've been noticing this trend in lots of albums lately, the bonus tracks on the deluxe version are actually some of the strongest. I'm obsessed with Vapaus (meaning "Freedom"). The word "rollicking" sounds so cheesy, but I can't think of a better word to describe the production on this. The drums and percussion are out of this world, and the track possesses a build that's absolutely explosive. Couple that with a stick-in-your-head hook that's sort of reminiscent of that Swedish novelty hit Hej Monika that was popular a few years back, and you've got yourself a winner. One minor quibble: that build at the end is so freaking enormous, I just wish it would explode into one more repetition of the chorus before ending.

Vapaus by Robin on Grooveshark

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