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Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Bullock Hearts - All Ramboed Up

"Here's my revolution"

Now this is a surprise. I was totally into Bullock Hearts' debut power-ballad/weird country schlager track The Moment all summer long, but I never expected them to come back with such a rollicking, campy-in-a-good-way follow up. All Ramboed Up sounds much like you'd expect it to from the crazy title. It's a hybrid of synths and honky tonk and old fashioned rock and roll. Kind of a cowboy version of Alphabeat? I don't really know where to place it, actually, except to say that this is the kind of thing that could only come from Sweden. They like their pop, and they don't mind genres muddled together and the cheese factor turned up to eleven. Obviously, I don't mind these things either, and this track has cemented Bullock Hearts as a band to watch. I'm so happy they don't just do ballads.

All Ramboed Up by Bullock Hearts on Grooveshark

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