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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Dirty Loops - Hit Me

"If you don't call me, I'm going crazy"

Here's a well-produced, funky electropop jam from a band you've probably never heard of before. Dirty Loops are a trio from Sweden who make, from the sound of this track at least, Hall and Oates influenced funk pop on crack. There's so much going on in the production and vocals on this song that it really takes a few listens to let it all settle. That's not to say Hit Me isn't instant and catchy from the get-go, because it definitely is, but the true astonishment comes during repeated listens when you realize all the crap they've done here. The vocals are amazing in all their frantic crescendo-reaching glory. The instrumentation is lightning fast without sounding messy. And best of all, this song sounds nothing like anything else out there right now. That's hard to find.

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