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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Goldhouse - Feel Good

"Just wanna make you feel good"

I heard this guy on the radio a while go... quite a long while, from the way I remember it. I knew I wanted to post a track by him but then I totally forgot. Better late than never, I guess. Now, Goldhouse's music is the definition of trendy. Soaring dance production, vocoder-warped vocals, and a steady adherence to radio ready pop music. This can be terribly boring if there aren't songs behind all the trendiness, but sometimes something like this--in all its giddy propulsiveness--is just what you're in the mood for. I'm thinking something like Cobra Starship back when they were big. I could see Goldhouse finding a lot of success on U.S. radio in a very similar fashion. Love the hair, too!

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