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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Robbie Williams - Snowblind

"You wrapped yourself 'round me"

Initially, I wasn't too excited about Robbie Williams releasing another swing album, but then I heard Go Gentle and read that the album would have a bunch of new tracks co-written by Guy Chambers. For those who don't know, Williams' best and most famous work was created in collaboration with Chambers, but the duo haven't worked together much at all (in fact, only one song by my count) in the past decade. This reunion is really something special. Snowblind, apparently, was first written in the Escapology album days (that would be 2001/02) and I'm absolutely delighted that we get to hear it now. Sometimes simple is better, and though this ballad lacks the bombast of some of Williams' bigger hits, it is absolutely, jaw-droppingly gorgeous. The orchestration is gorgeous. The melody is gorgeous. The vocals are gorgeous. It reminds me of something off of Hedwig & The Angry Inch, which is a big compliment coming from me.

Snowblind by Robbie Williams on Grooveshark

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