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Monday, December 09, 2013

Isak Danielson - Long Live This Love

"Survive the end of time"

Sweden may have only had one season of X-Factor, but true to the country's status as a top pop producer, they've already had a lot of artists come out of it. There's the winner Awa, whose first single was just released, and Manda and JEM who have each released a single and will be competing in next year's Melodifestivalen, and finally Oscar Zia who led his vocals to last year's MF and will be back again this year. The latest to put out some music is third place finisher Isak Danielson. On the show, he was a slightly dorky kid with a surprisingly mature voice. It seems that his tone has matured even further, as displayed in this drop dead gorgeous piano ballad. It's perfect for the winter. It also sounds so much like another song, but I can't for the life of me figure it out. Either way, it's a real impressive debut for Isak and I'm very excited to see what he releases next. I can't get over how mature and subtle this is for a kid his age.

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