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Friday, December 13, 2013

The Countdowns Are Coming: 2013 Stats

One last gasp before the countdowns begin on Monday.

A couple observations from this year's stats:
* While last year's album choices heavily favored male singers, this year the women came hard and made it 50/50
* The fourth quarter of the year continued to dominate, obliterating all other months with 65% of the albums on my countdown being released from September to November
* The U.S. got the highest percentage of representatives for the first time in a long while (even though a lot of those albums had Swedish production)
* This was the year of the veteran, well-known acts. 30% of these albums belong to artists that have been around for quite awhile. This isn't usually the case.
* It was all about the solo albums this year. C'mon, groups! Represent in 2014!

This year's albums:

Groups - 35% (way down from last year)
Solo Artists - 65% (way up from last year)

Debut Albums - 10% (down)
Second Albums - 25% (down)
Fourth Album (or higher!) - 30% (up)

Male Singers - 50% (way down)
Female Singers - 50% (way up)

American Acts - 35% (way up)
UK Acts - 20% (down)
Swedish Acts - 10% (up)
Danish Acts - 5% (even)
Finnish Acts - 5% (n/a)
Korean Acts - 15% (down)
Canadian Acts - 10% (even)

Released in the 1st Quarter (including Dec. '12) - 10% (down)
Released in the 2nd Quarter - 10% (even)
Released in the 3rd Quarter - 25% (up)
Released in the 4th Quarter - 65% (way up)
*and yes, there's a reason this adds up to more than 100%



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