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Friday, December 06, 2013

The Vamps - Wild Heart

"She's so beautiful, it made me stay"

I was quite surprised by the amount of success the Vamps have had this year in the UK with their debut single Can We Dance. Not because they don't deserve it (they totally do), but because the track seemed to come out of nowhere and then stick around the upper echelon of the charts for a long time. I really think these guys could be Britain's next Mcfly. We need another young, rock-based pop band. Can We Dance was a total hit from the first listen. I don't like Wild Heart as much, but I still think it's the kind of song that will do really well for them. They're kind of following One Direction's lead and going for a folkier sound to offset their cheeky image. Their debut album should be good. Can't wait until it's released next year.

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