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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Top 20 Albums Of 2013: 16-15

16. Ulrik Munther - Rooftop

I’m still waiting for the album from this guy that will boost him into my top ten of the year. There’s so much potential. I love his vocals and the fact that he writes all of his own stuff (with co writers/producers, of course). An album full of Tell The World I’m Here style tracks would have been something really, really special. As it is, this is still a very solid piece of pop rock that shows growth and maturity without becoming a complete bore.

15. Robbie Williams -Swings Both Ways

When I first heard about a second swing album from Robbie Williams, I prepared myself to be bored by it. Not that I didn’t like his first standards collection, but swing just isn’t my favorite genre and a little goes a long way. Instead of being bored, though, I soon discovered that this is an incredibly fun collection with--best of all--a mini reunion between Robbie and songwriting partner Guy Chambers. The originals are outstanding, and I hope it’s the beginning of a rekindled partnership between the two.

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