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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Top 50 Singles Of 2013: 20-16

20. Anton Ewald - Beggin'

The big breakthrough of this year's Melodifestivalen. Some have called it out as not having much in the way of melody, but I've always defended it as the massive pop song it is.

19. Haloo Helsinki! - Huuda! (Shout!)

An unexpected gem from Finland. That sledgehammer beat made this a rock band to really pay attention to, no matter what language they sing in.

18. Girls' Generation - I Got A Boy

K-Pop's most intriguing experiment of 2013. A single whose structure is so complicated and multi-faceted that it nearly becomes its own album medley.

17. Shinee - Dream Girl 

The single that kicked off Shinee's extraordinary 2013 run. Pure, vibrant pop with a chorus so big it echoes from the rooftops.

16. Ola - Maybe 

Ola's always been a favorite, but this is when he started making music that really registered beyond pure pop. It's just huge.

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