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Friday, December 20, 2013

Top 50 Singles Of 2013: 30-26

30. Loreen - We Got The Power

She'll likely never be able to touch Euphoria again, but she was able to bottle some of that magic for this powerful follow-up.

29. Girls' Generation - Love & Girls

The sugariest rush of bubblegum on my countdown this year (yes, even more than Crayon Pop). You're either going to love it or hate it.

28. Henry - Trap

Debut solo single from Canadian-born K-Pop star. That piano refrain is enough to get it on the countdown. The melody and performance puts it in the top 30.

27. The Fooo - Freestyler 

An unexpected cover for the young group, who managed to make the song bigger, louder and fresher than the original.

26. Hedley - Anything 

Blazing comeback from one of my favorite Canadian rock bands. This is an enormous worldwide crossover hit that hasn't found that deserved success... yet.

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