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Monday, January 06, 2014

Anton Ewald - Close Up

"I wanna zoom in on you"

Happy (late) 2014! I've still got some countdowney stuff planned for the next week or so, including my favorite movies of 2013, bu I'm back with new music! I want to kick off 2014 in Sweden, with Anton Ewald's new single Close Up. This is officially the song that takes him from "that guy with the cool Melodifestivalen track that I liked" to "that guy that's turning into one of the country's most exciting new pop stars". I expect that whatever he performs at this year's MF will only cement that. For now, we have this fantastic little dance pop confection. From the staccato beat and vocal delivery to the tight dancing in the impressive video, everything about this screams Michael Jackson. And if you're a disciple of the Church Of Jackson like I am, that is a very, very exciting thing. I love dancers-turned-singers because they've always got the beat in mind when it comes to their music. I have high hopes for Ewald's debut album, whenever we get to hear it.

Close Up by Anton Ewald on Grooveshark

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