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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Kylie Minogue - Into The Blue

"Tonight I'm running free"

Whenever a new Kylie single is released, I feel a mixture of excitement and hesitation. Excitement, because she's one of the few established divas that's still 100% relevant right now (though I'd like Ms. Janet Jackson to come back and change that). Hesitation, because it's hard to believe that she can still be releasing excellent pop music at this stage in her career. But dang it, my hesitation is always for naught. Seriously, how does she keep up this consistency? All The Lovers, her last single that kicked off an album campaign, was one of her very best. Into The Blue might just be right up there with it. I love the orchestral production and, of course, that enormous chorus. It's mature but still very poppy. Best of all, it is not the sound of Kylie bowing to trends. It fits in very well with her (substantial) discography.

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