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Friday, January 17, 2014

Nicole Sabouné - Must Exist

Something a little different today. Instead of one track, I've got a whole album, because Swedish artist Nicole Sabouné has been kind enough to stream her entire new album on soundcloud for the next ten days. Now, Sabouné's track Conquer Or Suffer cracked my top five of last year's singles, so I was definitely excited for this release. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet (I haven't had enough time to give a very thorough listen). I mean, since the Ark's Ola Salo and the Mo's Nicklas Stenemo are involved in writing and production, my interest is piqued to the max. Sabouné's delivery does seem a bit forced at times--affected in that new wave punky way--but that might just be a tiny quibble. I also crave more choruses as huge as Conquer Or Suffer and less of what sounds kind of icy and distant on first listen. Right now, So This Is It is the non-single standing out to me the most. I don't know... the verdict's still out. I could end up loving the album. I can sense that it might be a grower. What do you guys think?

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