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Monday, January 13, 2014

PleasePlease - The Sun Is Up Now (Viva La Piano)

"I've got too many ideas in mind that all involve you"

Last night it sounded like the wind was roaring 70 miles per hour outside my window, chucking grenades of rain around while I tried to sleep. In these dreary weather days of winter, I always look for songs that remind me of the long days of summer. And what better way to think about Summer 2014 than with a song from... last Spring? I'm kind of pissed that I only found out about this track this weekend, for it surely would've had a prominent spot on my 50 favorite singles of 2013 if I'd been playing it last year. PleasePlease is an epic dance duo from New Zealand and I am absolutely obsessed with this, their one and only single (so far). The Sun Is Up Now (Viva La Piano) ticks all the boxes. It's EDM, but doesn't sound like every other dance track out there now. It feels more like a pop song that just happens to have dance production. That is... it's not just one big hook, but a fully realized piece where the verses, chorus and delivery all add up to an amazing track. I need more from these guys, because I'm quickly wearing out this song.

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