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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Gravitonas - Playing With Fire

"When I'm playing with you, I crash and burn"

Gravitonas is a band I really should have been a bigger fan of over the past few years. I mean, I love Alexander Bard's work with Bodies Without Organs (and really, his work in general), and Gravitonas feels quite similar in a lot of ways. Well, I'm making up for lost time, and it's all do to their new EP, Garden Of Men And Machines. It's the release that has officially turned me into an obsessive fan. And while some of the more downbeat moments, namely Smoke In The Mirror and People Are Lonely, are probably my favorite tracks on the EP, I'm going to share the one that first caught my attention. Playing With Fire is a massive, Avicii-style dance anthem. I didn't even know this band made music like this. It's like a big 80's AOR soundtrack song augmented for clubs. It's a surprising jolt of energy and demands to be heard. And if you're like me, it'll just be the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this band.

Playing With Fire by Gravitonas on Grooveshark

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