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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Melodifestivalen 2014: Heat Four

I'm back, ready to delve into the fourth and last heat of this year's Melodifestivalen. My hopes are high, and I'm a bit worried about what the results will be, but I'm also so excited for the album to finally be released.

* I like how these opening bits are getting more and more elaborate (if only to cover up the boring hosts)

* The unofficial applause-o-meter gives Linda and Anton the edge, but barely. The crowd was hardly cheering at all! For anyone!

ALCAZAR: Oh yeah, I love the catwalk intro for them. This type of camp is necessary when you've got so many acts that are just kinda... dull. As for the song, I LOVE IT. They're just in a different class when it comes to the type of music they perform. I just hope Sweden isn't sick of this kind of cheesy pop, because it's a pretty massive song.

IDA: Does the background music in these painting segments remind anyone else of Harry Potter? This song is so much better than most of the "rock" that's been in the contest this year, but I still don't feel like they have a chance of qualifying. If anything, I hope they steal votes away from Ammotrack. As it went on, the song grew on me quite a bit. I'll be playing this :)

JANET LEON: I might be in the minority, but I kind of feel like she shouldn't have come back after the bad placement of her entry last year. Since she did, she definitely should have had a stronger song than this. To me, this is just SO vanilla and boring, like a bad X-Factor winner's song. Vocals don't sound good either...

AMMOTRACK: I'm worried. We managed to mostly avoid the boring "rock" acts triumphing last week, but I don't feel like we can get that lucky twice. On the plus side, this is miles better than that horrible Echo song last week, but I just don't want it to take a spot from one of the big pop acts. And I feel like it might.

JOSEF JOHANSSON: I know nothing about this guy, but I loved the clip of his song. The full thing's just as good, and a really nice surprise. I'm also kind of obsessed with his weird outfit. I predict that he could end up being a (somewhat) shock top four qualifier on the strength of the song alone, kind of like Robin last year.

LINDA BENGTZING: A lot of love for this lady. I almost wish she'd win the whole thing just because she probably wants it so badly. On another note, this sign language bit before her performance is not funny at all. Linda, on the other hand, is on fire (as usual). The song isn't quite up there with her classics, but it's still very good and you've gotta admire her constant oomph. Also, I think Josef worked his way into her back-up singer group.

ELLINORE HOLMER: That has got to be the most... creative... spelling of a first name I have seen in awhile. The song itself is hopelessly boring and unfortunately the vocals just aren't there (which would be okay if the song was better). Seventh or Eighth place, easy.

ANTON EWALD: He's carrying the frontrunner status on his back just like Ulrik did last year, which can be a blessing but more often a curse. This song isn't as good as last year's, which is a shame. Oh WAIT... it really kicked up in the second half. Still not as good as Beggin, but I like it, and I want to see him succeed.

Top 5 - Anton, Josef, Ammotrack, Alcazar, Linda
Top 2 - Anton and Josef (I've got a big feeling about this one)
AC - Ammotrack, Alcazar
Out - Linda
(though I would love Ammotrack to take that 5th place - or lower)

Top 5 - Anton, Linda, Ammotrack, Ellinore (WTF?), Alcazar
6th - IDA
7th - Josef (wow my feeling was WAY off base)
8th - Janet

* What is with all these downtempo, acoustic interludes this week? Isn't MF supposed to be fun?

* I swear, if Ellinore makes it past 5th place, I will be incensed

Top 2 - Anton, Alcazar
AC - Ammotrack, Ellinore (I. just. don't. get. it.)
Out - Linda :(



Anonymous Anonymous said...

The 4 that I liked most are (in no particular order) Anton Ewald, I.D.A, Josef Johansson and Alcazar. I'm quite surprised with Ellinore qualifying!

12:25 PM  

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