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Friday, February 14, 2014

Melodifestivalen 2014 Heat Three: Preliminary Judgment

Hoping for a bit of a rebound in quality this week. So far I'm not sure we've heard the winner for 2014. I'm thinking that victor will eventually be plucked from next week's Heat Four, but what's in store for us this Saturday?

(Listen to clips here)

1. Outrigger - Echo
Hate. Hate. HATE. This has no place in MF. I'd hesitate to even call it music. Easily the single worst thing we've heard this year, and probably last year too. 0/5

2. EKO - Red
I really like the sound of this woman's voice. Kinda Kate Bush-esque. The song sounds very nice, too. Not sure it's one fo this specific contest, but I can imagine playing it quite often outside the confines of MF. 3.5/5

3. Oscar Zia - Yes We Can
The hook sounds pretty damn catchy and I'm definitely a fan of the production. Not sure about the verses yet, but if he's got a good performance to go along with this, I think I'll love it. 4/5

4. Shirley Clamp - Burning Alive
There seems to be a lot of drama around this one. I can't quite tell if the melody's very strong, but the general sound is promising and she sounds great. I'll be cautiously optimistic about this one, too. 3.5/5

5. State Of Drama - All We Are
I didn't like their song last year at all. This sounds a bit better, but still very, very generic... like they were trying to write a song by Fun. That said, the galvanizing production sounds nice. 3/5

6. CajsaStina Åkerström - En enkel sång (A simple song)
Basically, it's "Songbird" Part Two. Her voice is lovely, the song seems pleasant, but I can't find myself getting all that excited over it. That could change the more I hear it. 3/5

7. Ace Wilder - Busy Doin' Nothing
I really like this girl, but this sounds kind of like a mess. Another case of very little melody and overly busy production trying to make up for it. A pity, because I was looking forward to her entry. 2.5/5

8. Dr. Alban and Jessica Folcker - Around The World
Meh. Nothing horrible, nothing blazingly special. I wish I was more excited by the clip. Maybe it'll amount to more in full. Right now, it sounds pretty forgettable. 2.5/5

Ugh. I hope they're saving the best for last, because even though I like a few of these clips, I'm not really getting inspired (and who the hell let entry #1 in the room?). Based on name recognition, I think State Of Drama and Shirley may get through. I hope Oscar and EKO can make a dent. Unfortunately, there'll be no live blog tomorrow as I'll be working during the contest, but I'll be back for Heat Four!

Also, today is Alienhits' Eighth Anniversary!! Freaking hell, I've been at this awhile :)



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