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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Shirley Clamp - Burning Alive (Stormby's Firestorm Edit)

"You've got me dreaming"

Since I was away last Saturday, I never really got a chance to voice my opinion of the weekend's Melodifestivalen heat. In short, even though it featured my least favorite song of the year's competition so far (bet you can guess which one that was), the two songs that progressed to the final were both excellent. In addition to the victors, I'm a fan of Eko's underrated Red and this track, a dramatic ballad by MF legend Shirley Clamp. Stormby has been a reliable remixer of MF songs during the past few years (I particularly love his version of Ulrik Munther's Soldiers and Loreen's already-epic Euphoria), and now he's given us a dancefloor version of Clamp's 6th-place finisher. It's a nice compliment to the original, retaining the melodic bombast while adding familiar elements of EDM that take it further into club territory.

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