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Monday, February 10, 2014

Vic Heart - Jimmy Dean

"Rebel without a movie screen"

Oh, Sweden. I will never stop loving you. While the rest of the world is so concerned with following current radio trends, I can always count on Sweden to be all about the POP. It doesn't matter if it seems uncool or old-school or whatever... if it's got a good melody and hook, it doesn't need a dubstep breakdown or a EDM drop or some Mumford-and-Sons-strummy-crap. Vic Heart's music seems to be unconcerned with things like genre. It's just good old fashioned, guitar based pop with a funky beat and great melody. This, I love. It's kind of surprising, too, because the list of artists he compares himself to (John Mayer, Maroon 5, Keith Urban) are all acts I... well, to put it nicely, they're not my cup of tea. Something's different about this, though. It doesn't seem to try hard, but it's just effortlessly breezy and cool. Must be that Swedish touch.

Jimmy Dean by Vic Heart on Grooveshark

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