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Monday, March 31, 2014

Ken Bauer & Monkeyman - Magic Word

"You can make me come to life"

Do you remember that weird, campy disco band Dschinghis Khan? If you don't, then you've got some youtube research to do. They were a German concoction that blended Abba-style dance pop with something altogether stranger. Folk elements and chants and just a general sense of craziness. I bring them up because I feel like this new dance track by Ken Bauer and Monkeyman is sort of the modern equivalent of that band. Let's face it, this song is ALL about the repeated chant that makes up the hook. So cheesy, yet so, so right. The rest of the melody is just as off-kilter, with what sounds (to me) sort of like Count Dracula singing a pop song. Somehow it all comes together and works, even though it shouldn't. Certainly one of the more unique tracks to come out in awhile.

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Blogger Phil said...

Hehe, sooo good. Just found your blog and I love it!

1:25 AM  

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