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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Kliff - Mun Jopo

I know it's been days since I posted a song with English lyrics, but I've got one more foreign-language song today. It's weird. As my music tastes continue to go more global, I'm finding that at times I actually prefer songs performed in a language different than my own. It really allows me to focus more on the melody and production and, for whatever reason, keeps the songs "fresher" longer (ie: I don't get sick of them as quickly). I particularly love the sound of Finnish. There's something really cool about the accent and the sounds of the language itself. Kliff are a new band from Finland, with a dynamic pop/urban/schizophrenic flare. In that way, it's very reminiscent of modern K-Pop (particularly Exo's Wolf from last year, which this reminds me a lot of). One thing's for sure: that chorus sticks--and sticks hard--in your brain.


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