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Monday, March 17, 2014

Markus Schulz - Revolution (with Venom One and Chris Madin)

"We are the revolution coming"

When I listen to music, on of the biggest things I want it to do is galvanize me in some way. Music is like a call to arms for me. That's why I love anthems so much. Because of this, any song with a title like "Revolution" instantly gets my attention. Markus Schulz is a well-known trance producer/DJ that has a strong ear for pop music. With this song, he's taken a rock vocal and matched it with a surging, 80's power melody and standard EDM production. All together, it results in something pretty massive... the kind of track I wanna play full blast while driving around in the Summer. It reminds me A LOT of the Swedish dance duo The Attic. Unfortunately, most of Schulz's newest album isn't as rock-influenced when it comes to the vocals. It's still good, though!

Revolution by Markus Schulz - on Grooveshark

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