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Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Melodifestivalen Favorites: Roger Pontare - Silverland

This is the kind of song that could only come out of something like Melodifestivalen. Roger Pontare has actually represented Sweden twice at Eurovision, but this song, which jut missed out on the final in 2006, is my absolute favorite of his. His music is an interesting mix of folk, new age, tribal, pop and big, epic, ridiculous schlager. Silverland starts out like the theme song to Survivor before moving into a huge We Will Rock You-type stomp. Despite my comparisons, it actually sounds quite unlike anything else you're likely to hear. It was probably just too weird for the final, but it holds a very special place in my collection. I love over the top stuff like this that isn't afraid to be different.

Silverland by Roger Pontare on Grooveshark

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