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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Shakira - La La La (Brazil 2014)

"The entire world soars like an eagle"

More and more, I've found myself straying from pop music by big American superstars (or global superstars that are incredibly popular in America). As my pop music palate has grown, I'm finding myself much more interested in these smaller, sometimes weirder, pockets of music from around the world. K-Pop. Finnish teen pop. Scandinavian schalger. You get the point. But there are some global superstars that still capture my full attention, and Shakira is one of those. To me, there's something very refreshing about her mix of pop, rock, Latin and dance. Yes, it's calibrated for global success, but it always feels true and unique to her. La La La, which also happens to be the theme for this year's World Cup, is the kind of song that, even after one listen, I knew was destined to be a huge hit. Some songs just stick out. This is absolutely massive. And, I love that she seems to call out my favorite building toy throughout! (Yes, I know "lego" probably means something else in this context...)

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