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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Fooo - POPing It

"We gonna make you feel like you roll it"

In the ramp-up to their album release on April 2nd, Swedish pop band The Fooo has been previewing a number of songs. Unsurprisingly, they've all been stellar. These guys clearly have a great team behind them and the charisma necessary to really sell this type of pop music. POPing It might just be their best track yet. The deliberately misspelled title is a little eye-rolly, but any doubts disappear the first time you hear that chorus. These guys are dancers, so it makes sense that most of their uptempos are incredibly beat driven. This has a real old-school, breakbeat feel, coupled with a hook that's just impossibly catchy. Imagine a mixture of Robyn and One Direction. Sweden yet again reaffirms its place at the very top of the pop music world.

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