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Monday, March 24, 2014

The Hardkiss - Hurricane

"I can't pretend I will love you until the end"

I'm not sure that I've ever posted a song from the Ukraine before, and it's interesting (and honestly not intentional) that today's post happens to come just as that part of the world is all over the news. Politics and geography aside, I'm really happy that I discovered this group. I must admit that I have a certain stereotype about what Eastern, particularly Southeastern, European music sounds like. It's not a bad stereotype, but it's definitely limiting. The Hardkiss has blown that wide open with their glammed up, artistic image and synth-drenched dance rock sound. I must admit, their earlier tracks are missing that extra melodic hook that would really cause me to obsess over them, but luckily their past two singles have upped the ante and represent what I think is their best work. Hurricane is the new single, and it has arguably their biggest (and simplest) hook. Beyond the music, you really need to check out their videos because this is a visual band if I've ever seen one. And while you're on their youtube page, check out Shadows Of Time, which I'm pretty sure is my favorite song by them.

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