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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Chaz McKinney - Gatsby

"I'll just be Gatsby for the night"

Nashville-based Chaz McKinney is really a diamond in the rough when it comes to pop music. For an indie artist (in the truest sense), his tracks are surprisingly robust and very well written. This guy's got an ear for melody. He's releasing a new album in June and I can't wait to hear it. I'm assuming Gatsby will be a part of that album, in its fully produced version. However, he's recently shared the demo version of the song. Although it's a bit rough, the bones are there and you can already tell what an awesome, anthemic pop song it's going to be when finished. Think Lady Gaga Gypsy or Edge Of Glory style. I really hope this gets beefed up and perfected, because I can already see myself playing it over and over again.

EDIT: Argh! I just read that this will not be on the album. I feel like starting a petition for a fully produced version to be released. This is too good to waste!

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