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Monday, April 21, 2014

Jutty Ranx - Lover And A Fool

"I've always been a lover and a fool"

I featured American band Jutty Ranx's debut single I See You early last year and really enjoyed it throughout the summer and beyond. In fact, on second thought it probably could have found its way onto my top 50 singles list. For whatever reason, though, I neglected to realize that the band released their debut album late last year. I suppose it was due to the fact that it was a very limited release in only a handful of countries. I hate when this happens. In this day and age, I really wish artists would give worldwide customers a chance to enjoy their albums, especially the digital versions. I get that bands want to build a strong base in one or two countries before growing the brand, but it's frustrating to fans of international music such as myself. Anyway, since I See You, the band have released a couple more tracks, the most recent of which is Lover and a Fool. This is an amazing piece of breezy electro pop with a wicked chorus. I can't say if the rest of the album is of similar quality, as I haven't heard it, but I wish this band great success.

Lover & A Fool by Jutty Ranx on Grooveshark

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