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Friday, April 25, 2014

Semi Precious Weapons - Scream To The Sky

"This is the best night of our lives"

So, Semi Precious Weapons' new album is streaming on soundcloud, and I'm on the edge of really liking it. On one hand, I'm digging this new dancier sound they've developed. It's really interesting when set against Justin Tranter's rock-glam vocals. They've definitely taken some influence from their oft-touring partner Lady Gaga. On the other hand, none of the songs are reaching out and grabbing me quite like I want them to. Now, I haven't delved deeply into the album yet, but from first listen, my thoughts were that everything was quite pleasant but kind of samey and trendy and unsurprising. That could easily change with more listens. The production is there. The vocals are definitely there. It's the songs themselves that I can't quite make my mind up about yet. Scream To The Sky was one of my early favorites, and a pretty good indication of the sound of the album. If you like this, give the entire album a stream and let me know your thoughts. I'm determined to be wowed by this, because it's totally my kind of thing.

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