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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Wolf Gang - Black River

"Raise a glass, looking at the sun"

Oh, lord yes! There is nothing better than when a band with bucketloads of potential but a somewhat underwhelming debut album comes back with something that just knocks your socks off. I adored Wolf Gang's singles Lions In Cages and The King And All Of His Men from 2011, but for me the album didn't quite live up to their potential and I quickly forgot about it. Fast forward three years and I feel like I need to revisit that album because this new single, Black River, hit me like a train. It's massive. I don't even want to describe it much more, just do yourself a favor and LISTEN. It's, quite frankly, most everything I love about music in one song. If the upcoming album is up to this standard, I'll be unconscious by the end of it... knocked out.

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Anonymous Jeff said...

Wow! Love it and totally missed your past post.....liking them a lot!

5:54 PM  

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