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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Afrojack - The Spark (ft. Spree Wilson)

"We've all got the spark tonight"

There is SO much EDM out at the moment. It's getting really hard to stand out and, quite frankly, for me to care. Since the production tends to be pretty standard throughout the genre, for me to be interested I need to either hear a great melody or a charismatic vocal. This track has both of those. Spree Wilson, the vocal on this, delivers a performance that for whatever reason reminds me of the nineties. I love the rap/singing hybrid and the organic sound of his vocals over the highly produced instrumental. It helps that the song itself is very memorable from the first listen. It could've worked just as well as a straight up pop or alternative track. Oh, and also... how can you possibly not love the name "Spree"?

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